Choo Teck Ong (Greater Bukit Brown)

Choo Teck Ong passed away on 29th January 1928.  His wife name listed on the tomb is Madam Lim Wan Neo. 
The name of his sons are; Choo Choon Lim. Choo Bock Seng, Choo Bok Guan, 
Grandsons; Choo Hock Lai, Choo Hock Thean, 

Choo Teck Ong tomb (photo taken at November 2020)

The tomb has also interesting decorative tiles and thanks to tile experts, this are identified as tiles from Belgium.  

Location of tomb 

Its on the part of this hill colloquially known as "Gelong Pah 黎弄吧. (rough location: 1.336, 103.29)



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