Mr. and Mrs. Tan Boon Tin and the unique name for their son (Kopi Sua)

On first glance the tomb of Mr. Tan Boon Tin who passed away at the age of 41 on 31 December 1934 seemed normal. However we were alerted by Raymond Goh on the uniqueness of this tomb. On closer inspection, he shared that the name of one his children is shockingly strange. Clearly etched on both Mr. and Mrs. Tan Boon Tin tomb is the name of one of their son as 糞掃.  Literally translated, 糞掃 would mean SHIT SWEEP. Another less unpleasant translation was RUBBISH.

Because it appears on both tombs of Mr. Tan Boon Tin and his wife, so it is unlikely to be a mistake. So why did they name their son in such a manner ? I heard of folk tales, where the parents will name their son in a "ugly" manner to prevent evil spirits from taking their son to their untimely death. But wouldn't such a name be too extreme ? 

If you have a theory or answer behind this, do leave a comment below. 

Tan Boon Tin tomb 

Mrs. Tan Boon Tin tomb 



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