Mrs. Quek Meng Kee nee Yeo Chiw Say (Bukit Brown)

Madam Yeo Chiw Say nee Mrs. Quek Meng Kee passed away at the age of 30 on 8 June 1935. The name of the children listed on her tomb are;
Sons: Quek Song Hee, Quek Song Guan, Quek Song Khye
Daughter: Quek Siew Cheng 

Mrs. Quek Meng Kee nee Yeo Chiw Say

Husband: Quek Meng Kee
Quek Meng Kee remarried in 1940. Quek Meng Kee, son of Mr. and Mrs. Quek Teck Seng married Miss Mary Sinn (daughter of Mr. Mathias Sinn on 6 Jan 1940. Witness were Mrs. Heung Choy Lin and the bridegroom's father. Mathis Sinn was around 21 years old when she married. 

21 Idris Road is the family home of Quek Meng Kee. While researching, i found out that her mother, Mrs. Quek Teck Seng nee Tan Yeow Cheng passed away at the age of 72 at 21 Idris Road on 21 August 1949, leaving behind 3 sons; Quek Meng Kee, Quek Chuan Kee, Quek Chiang Kee, 1 daughter, Quek Sai Kim and 19 grandchildren. Another mother, Madam Koh Chew Whay passed away at the age of 88 on 11 March 1973. She is the mother of  Quek Meng Kee, Quek Chuan Kee, Quek Chiang Kee, Quek Sai Kim and leaving to mourn for her, 1 son-in-lae, 3 daughters-in-law, 22 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren-in-law. 

Mrs. Quek Meng Kee nee Mary Sinn 
Mary Sinn passed away at the age of 76 on 4 October 1995. She leaves behind 
Quek Song Hee
Quek Song Guan 
Quek Song Khye
Quek Song Lee, Andrew 
Lee Khar Siang, Irene 
Kang Yeow Kheun, Evelyn
Quek Siew Cheng, Janet
Chan Kwee Ho
Grandsons: David Quek, Adrian Quek, Aldrin Quek, Dexter Chan
Granddaughters-in-law: Ann Lam, Jacqueline Kwek, Loretta Nonis
Granddaughters: Cynthia Quek, Julie Quek, Iris Quek, Nora Chan, Gina Chan 
Grandson-in-law: Alvin Aw
Great-grandson: Darren Teo
The wake was held a Blk 11, Kempas Road. 

Mary Sinn

Son: Quek Song Hee / James Quek Song Hee 
From one article in 1960, i gathered that Mr. Quek Song Hee was once a "Gold Circle" Cigarette Van Salesman with Harper, Gilfillan & Co. Ltd. Quek Song Hee passed away at the age of 73 on 14 April 1998. 

James Quek Song Hee 

Location of tomb and error in burial registrar record 

Block 3 Division D, plot 468 (not to far away from the tomb of Mrs. Chia Eng Wah)
It is interesting to point out the huge error made in the burial registrar of Bukit Brown. Although the location and plot number is correct, the person buried there is Quek Meng Kee, female 30 years. This is obviously wrong. Tan Meng Kee is male and not female and of course still very much alive. The person they should have written down is Madam Yeo Chiw Say who was 30 years when she passed away.
Did the person failed to write Mrs. Quek Meng Kee ?   



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