Sng Cheng Hin (Kopi Sua)

Sng Cheng Hin passed away at the age of 66 on 5 March 1956. 
Son: Sng Bock Choo 
Grandson: Sng Kheng Hock
Granddaughter: Sng Bee Hong 

Sng Cheng Hin 


Wife: Madam Song Seck Ann
Madam Song Seck Ann passed away at the age of 85 on 11 February 1979. She leaves behind;
Son: Sng Bock Choo
Daughter-in-law: Ho Guay Hoon 
Adopted Daughter: Nancy Khoo Eng Neo 
Grandson: Patrick Sng Kheng Hock 
Granddaughters: Pearline Sng Bee Hong, Malini Sng Nee Lian
Grandson-in-law: Lim Kin Guan
The cortege left from 226 Onan Road
I believe Madam Song Seck Ann is the daughter of Mr and  Mrs. Song Kim Swee

Son: Sng Bock Choo
The engagement of Sng Bock Choo, (2nd son of Mr. and Mrs. Sng Cheng Hin) and Miss Grace Ho Guay Hoon (2nd daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ho Cheow Chye) was announced on 31 July 1952. They got married in December 1953. On 7 February 1975 there was a notice that Sng Bock Choo of No. 2226, Onan Road having applied for a Retail Liquor Shop License in respect of premises No. 15 Harper Road, Singapore. 

Wife: Grace Ho Guay Hoon
Son: Patrick Sng Kheng Hock  (born 25 December 1968 at Paglar Memorial Hospital)
Daughters: Pearline Sng Bee Hong, Malini Sng Nee Lian

Sng Bock Choo passed away at the age of 90 on 18 February 2013.

Parents: Sng Toon Ghee and Tan Kow Neo (possible connection)
Sng Toon Ghee passed away at the age of 51 on 12 April 1923 at 11 Lorong 9 Gaylang, Singapore. He is the father of Meesrs. Lim Cheng Peck, Sng Cheng Hin and Sng Cheng Hee and father-in-law of Mr. Song Tian Choe.
Madam Tan Kow Neo (wife of the late Mr. Sng Toon Ghee) passed away on 26 August 2602 at her residence, No 63 Siang Lim Park, Syonan-to. She leaves behind 3 sons, Lim Cheng Teck, Sng Cheng Hin and Sng Cheng Hee, 1 daughter, Mrs. Song Tian Choe, 2 daughters-in-law, 10 grandchildren. She was buried in Alexandra Cemetery. 

Location of tomb

Tomb of Sng Cheng Hin is very close to PIE nearer to Whitley Detention Centre entrance facing PIE.

Sng Cheng Hin tomb at Kopi Sua is well maintained 



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