Madam Pang Wai Heng (Kopi Sua)

Madam Pang Wai Heng passed away on 11 February 1957. Listed on her tomb are the name of her children;
Sons: Sio Puay Thiam, Sio Puay Chye
Daughters: Sio Chew Hiong, Sio Chew Har, Sio Chew Beng 

Madam Pang Wai Heng
Madam Pang Wai Heng 

I am unable to find any information about Madam Pang Wai Heng but it was a search using her children names i found an obituary notice of a Mr. Sio Tian Soo who passed away on 13 April 1987. With so many of the children name matching, it is very likely that Mr. Sio Tian Soo and Madam Pang Wai Heng were once husband and wife. 

Sio Tian Soo leaves behind;
Wife: Tan Gek Hong 
Sons: Sio Puay Seng, Sio Puay Thiam, Richard, Sio Puay Chye 
Daughter-in-law: Aileen Lau
Daughters: Sio Siew Choo, Sio Yew Choo, Sio Chew Hiong, Sio Chew Har, Sio Chew Beng 
Sons-in-law: Lee Kim Poon, Yeo Hong Huat, Adrain Ang Teow Bin, Anthony Leong Tung Yu, William Lai Yew Ghee 
and many grandchildren.

Location of tomb

Mrs. Sio Tian Soo nee Madam Pang Wai Heng's tomb is located in Kopi Sua (towards the direction of PIE)



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