Chinese Kapitan's of Bukit Brown

A Facebook post by Dennis Tan sharing about Penang's First Chinese Kapitan grave, (Koh Lay Huan alias Chewan) was an interesting read. I learnt from Dennis that there are still 2 Kapitan Cina graves in Penang. Reading from a fantastic article which list down the Chinese Kapitans in Malay States (by Eugene Khoo of Overseas Chinese in the British Empire), i found out that there were 3 Chinese Kapitans in Penang. 
  • Koh Lay Huan 辜禮歡 (the first Kapitan for Penang) -1787-1826)
  • Cheah Ching Hui 謝清輝 (1894-1908)
  • Cheah Yong Chong 謝榮宗 (1909-1918)
If you are keen to find out more about Penang Grave Information, do join the Penang Cemetery Group that is on Facebook platform. 

I will not jump into details on who and what this titles are about as there were many research work and papers out there on how this titles came about, but i will just focus on a quick summary of the Kapitan Cina or the Chinese Kapitan's of Bukit Brown and the current status of their tomb. 

Tomb located in Bukit Brown
Tomb formerly located in Bukit Brown 

Hopefully i have not left anyone out from the list above. If i did, do leave a kind comment below. 

Exploring Bukit Brown 



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