Madam Tan Burok (Greater Bukit Brown)

Tan Burok passed away at the age of 64 on 9 March 1954. 
She is survived by;
Sons: Lim Beng Swee, Lim Beng Kee
Son-in-law: Koh Teow Guan 
Daughter: Lim Chwee Neo
Grandsons: Lim Peck Sianh
Granddaughters: Lim Mee Lian, Lim Nancy, Lim Betty, Lim Alice, Lim Lucy 

Madam Tan Burok

Her name itself is interesting as if you translate Burok from  Baba Malay to English, it doesn't sound nice, so why would she be called Tan Burok ? Was is a Baba Malay nickname that stuck with her ?

Another point to note that was highlighted by Raymond Goh to me was that the English names of her granddaughter was "translated" from English to Chinese in a literal manner. 

Tan Burok


Son: Lim Beng Swee
Mr. Lim Beng Swee passed away at the age of 73 on 2 November 1984. He leaves behind;
Wife: Kow Chi Chit
Son: Captain Lim Peck Sianh
Daughters: Lilian Lim, Nancy Lim, Betty Lim Alice Lim, Lucy Lim, Elizabeth Lim
Sons-in-law: Bay Kwang Boon, Woi Tan Thiam Hock, Moorthy, Chan Woon Kee 
and 3 grandsons and 6 granddaughters. Wake was at Block 58 Commonwealth Drive #01-111

Daughter: Lim Chwee Neo / Lim Chwee Neo, Margaret alias Lim, Black 
Lim Chwee Neo, Margaret passed away at the age of 85 on 2 February 2004. Her husband, Koh Teow Guan already passed away then.
Sons: Koh Kim Sai, Gary, Koh Kim Leng, John, Koh Kim Chwee, Albert, Robert Koh
Daughter-in-law: Therisa Ng 
Daughters: Koh Kim Lian, Helen (deceased, Koh Kim Eng, Dinah, Mary Koh

Location of tomb 

Its on the part of this hill colloquially known as "Gelong Pah 黎弄吧. (rough location: 1.336, 103.29)



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