Choo Lye Yew and family (Bukit Brown)

Choo Lye Yew was a Chinese Interpreter of the Supreme Court, working there for 8 years with the Colonial Government before leaving service in April 1920 to join the well-known firm of Messrs. Donaldson and Burkinshaw. He is a Straits-born Chinese and speaks English and Malay fluently. He also speaks Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hylam and Hinghua dialects. Choo Lye Yew was also the clerk and interpreter that was once posted to Christmas Island in 1913. 

Choo Lye Yew, (brother of Choo Hong Bock, Choo Buan Hai, Choo Hong Thiam and Mrs. Pang Cheng Yean (Madam Choo Peck Lian) passed away at his residence, 4714, Upper Weld Road on 12 June 1928. He was 40 years old. 

Listed on the tomb are the name of his children;
Sons: Choo Siu San, Choo Siu Chuan, Choo Siu Peck, Choo Siu Peck, Choo Siu Jen, Choo Siu Goan, Choo Siu Yang
Daughters: Choo Hebe, Choo Helen 

Choo Lye Yew 


Wife: Tan Choo Neo 
Madam Tan Choo Neo passed away at the age of 93 on 9 September 1979 leaving behind 1 son and 2 daughters ) Choo Siu Gowan, Madam Hebe Choo and Madam Helen Choo), 2 daughters-in-law and great grandchildren. The cortege left for Choa Chu Kang Christian Cemetery. 

Tan Choo Neo 

Grandmother: Madam Lim Khan Neo 
Madam Lim Khan Neo passed away at the age of 87 at her residence, No. 57 Joo Chiat Terrace on 9 April 1925. She leaves behind a son, Mr. Choo Chin Hin alias Chin Bee, 2 daughters-in-law, 22 grandchildren (including Choo Hong Bock, Choo Lye Yew, Choo Buan Hai, Choo Hong Thiam, Dr. Choo Teck Guan, Choo Teck Hong, Choo Teck Poh, Choo Teck Soon and Choo Teck Boon) and 25 great grandchildren. (gathered from the obituary notice). From her tomb, Madam Lim Khan Neo nee Mrs. Choo Boh (朱茂) is the mother of Mr. Choo Chin Hin and Mrs. Choo Chwee Hock and Madam Choo Gwek Neo. (Her son, Choo Chwee Hock predeceased her mother)

Mother: Mrs. Choo Chwee Hock nee Kang Cheong Neo 
Mrs. Choo Chwee Hock nee Kang Cheong Neo passed away at the age of 78 at No. 52, Upper Weld Road. Singapore on 28 April 1941 leaving behind to mourn her, 3 sons (Choo Hong Bock, Choo Buan Hai, Choo Hon Thiam), 1 daughter, Mrs. Pang Cheng Yean, 4 daughters-in-law, 1 son-in-law, Pang Cheng Yean, 28 grandchildren and 8 grandchildren-in-law, 8 great grandchildren. 

Brother: Choo Hong Thiam 
The engagement is announced of Mr. Choo Hong Thiam (youngest son of the late Mr. Choo Chwee Hock and youngest brother of Mr. Choo Lye Yew) to Miss Ho Sau Yeng, youngest daughter of Mr, Ho Siak Khuan and youngest sister of Dr. Ho Siu Khan of the Colonial Dispensary. 

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Location of tomb 

Block 2 Division F, plot 332 (close to Mrs. Goh Wee Liam tomb). 



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