Mrs. Choo Boh nee Lim Khan Neo (Bukit Brown)

Madam Lim Khan Neo passed away at the age of 87 at her residence, No. 57 Joo Chiat Terrace on 9 April 1925. She leaves behind a son, Mr. Choo Chin Hin alias Chin Bee, 2 daughters-in-law, 22 grandchildren (including Choo Hong Bock, Choo Lye Yew, Choo Buan Hai, Choo Hong Thiam, Dr. Choo Teck Guan, Choo Teck Hong, Choo Teck Poh, Choo Teck Soon and Choo Teck Boon) and 25 great grandchildren. (gathered from the obituary notice)

From her tomb, Madam Lim Khan Neo nee Mrs. Choo Boh (朱茂) is the mother of Mr. Choo Chin Hin and Mrs. Choo Chwee Hock and Madam Choo Gwek Neo. (Her son, Choo Chwee Hock predeceased her mother)

Mrs. Choo Boh nee Madam Lim Khan Neo

From her tomb, the names listed are as follows:
Mr. and Mrs. Choo Chin Hin,
Mrs. Choo Chwee Hock,
Madam Choo Gwek Neo
Mr. and Mrs. Choo Hong Bock
Mr. and Mrs. Choo Lye Yew
Mr. & Mrs. Choo Buan Hai
Dr. & Mrs. Choo Teck Guan
Choo Hong Thiam,
Choo Teck Hong
Choo Teck Poh,
Choo Teck Soon,
Choo Teck Boon,
Mr & Mrs. Pang Cheng Yean,
Mr. & Mrs. Song Tien Swee,
Miss Choo Keow Neo

Great Grandchildren:
Messrs. Choo Siew San,
Choo Siew Chuan,
Choo Siew Peck,
Choo Siew Yean,
Choo Siew Guan,
Choo Siew Yang,
Choo Siew Seng,
Choo Siew Leong,
Choo Siew Keng,
Choo Siew Jim
Miss. Choo Siew Heng,
Miss. Choo Siew Eng,
Miss. Choo Siew Boey,
Miss. Choo Siew Tin,
Miss. Choo Gwek Cheng,
Miss. Choo Hee Boey,
Miss. Choo Hee Lan

Son: Choo Chin Hin
Choo Chin Hin alias Chin Bee passed away on 27th December 1945. Choo Chin Hin passed away on 25th December 1945 at the age of 72.
Sons; Choo Teck Guan, Choo Teck Hong, Choo Teck Poh, Choo Teck Soon, Choo Teck Boon, Choo Teck Woo, Choo Teck Chuan, Daughter, Choo Keow Lian

Son: Choo Chwee Hock
Mr. Choo Chwee Hock passed away on 24th October 1918. He was 58. 

Mrs. Choo Chwee Hock nee Madam Kang Cheong Neo passed away at the age of 78 at her residence, 52 Upper Weld Road on 28 April 1941. She is survived by 3 sons (Choo Hong Bock, Choo Buan Hai, Choo Hong Thiam), 1 daughter (Choo Peck Lian), 1 son-in-law, Pang Cheng Yean , 4 daughters-in-law, 28 grandchildren, 8 grandchildren-in-law, 8 great grandchildren. She is buried in Bukit Brown next to her son-in-law, Pang Chean Yean.

Choo Hong Thiam (youngest son of the late Mr. Choo Chwee Hock) got engaged to Miss Ho Sau Teng (youngest daughter of Mr. Ho Siak Khuan) and youngest sister of Dr. Ho Siu Khan, of the Colonial Dispensary in June 1920.

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Location of tomb

Madam Lim Khan Neo is buried in Hill 1 Section F, plot 290.


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