Teo Geok Peck (Kopi Sua)

Teo Geok Peck was a staff of Lyall & Evatt. There was also mentioned of Teo Office Appliances Co. ( a company formerly known as Teo Typewriter Services). Mr. Teo Geok Peck passed away at the age of 56 on 16 October 1958. His wife name was also listed, Madam Chew Phoon Neo (but no death was listed). From their tomb the names of the children listed;
Sons: Teo Kheng Guan, Teo Kheng Chan, Teo Kheng Hui, Teo Kheng Chong, Teo Kheng Hock
Daughters: Teo Beng Khim, Teo Beng Seck, Teo Beng Soh, Teo Beng Tee, Teo Beng Lay, Teo Beng Siew, Teo Beng Wah
Grandson: Teo Sian Leong, Teo Sian Tat, Teo Sian Hin
Granddaughter: Teo Sian Hoon, Teo Sian Tin, Teo Sian Bee

Teo Geok Peck 


Daughter: Teo Beng Khim 
Teo Beng Khim (eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Teo Geok Peck of 103, Everitt Road) got engaged to Mr.Yap Swee Cheng (eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Yap Kim Seng of 19 & 20 Rochore Canal) on 7 December 2604 (1944). 

Daughter: Teo Beng Lay / Molly Teo Beng Lay
Molly Teo Beng Lay (fifth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Teo Geok Peck) got engaged to Mr. Lim Siak Koon ( second son of Madam Chong Kup Ngeong and the late Mr. Lim Kim Chiang) on 30 May 1954. Mrs. Lim Siak Koon nee Molly Teo Beng Lay passed away on 13 May 1965. 

Located at Kopi Sua (just after the tombkeepers hut on the lower slope). Another interesting thing to note is the tomb mason of the tomb is from 258 Kheam Hock Road. 



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