Chua Keng Chiang (Bukit Brown)

Chua Keng Chiang was a Salesman to Messrs. Adamson Gilfillan & Co. Ltd. What is a mystery to me was the cause of his death. He was missing for a number of days since his reported demise on 7 October 1936 (the date listed on his tomb). A newspaper article placed on 12 October 1936 was put up seeking Chua Keng Chiang whereabouts. It reads that Mr. Chua Keng Chiang, a local born Straits Hokien Chinese of 74 years of age is missing from his residence, No. 30, Lorong 30, Geylang Road, Singapore. He was last seen at 9:30 p.m on Oct. 6, 1936 and nothing more has been heard of him. A reward of $20 will be given to the finder. 

Chua Keng Chiang 

Chua Keng Chiang 

In a notice published on 20 March 1937, Probate of Will for the late Chua Keng Chiang of No. 30 Lorong 30 Geylang Road was granted to Madam Tay Seok Neo and Wee Guan Hai (his son-in-law).

Post-publish note: On 22 November 2021, i received information from his descendants that Chua Keng Chiang died on the day he went missing. He took his own life at Kallang River and his body was never found. The erected tomb found in Bukit Brown contains his personal belongings (e.g. his clothes).


Son: Chua Sin Chui
<information from descendants>

Daughter: Chua Itt Neo 
The engagement was announced between Mr. Wee Guan Hai (second son of Mr. and Mrs. Wee Teck Swee) to Miss Chua Itt Neo (eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chua Keng Chiang) on 30 August 1933.

Daughter: Chua Jee Neo
The marriage of Mr. Wee Wee Tiong a member of the Tribune clerical staff and Miss Chua Jee Neo took place at 30, Lorong 30 Geylang in November 1937. Wee Wee Tiong is the only son of Madam Tan Loon Neo and the late Mr. Wee Pang Tian while Miss Chua Jee Neo is the youngest daughter of Madam Tay Seok Neo and the late Mr. Chua Keng Chiang.

Wee Wee Tiong and Chua Jee Neo 

Adamson Gilfillan & Co. Ltd.

The names of Mr. Samuel Gilfillan and Mr. William Adamson first appeared in the commercial records of Singapore in 1854 when they entered the service of Messrs. McEwan & Co. from whom eventually sprang the Borneo Company, with branches in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Bangkok. They decided to set out on their own and  together with Mr. H.W.Wood commenced business on their account as merchants. They expanded to tin, gambier, pepper, tapioca, copra, spices and sago-flour which was shipped to the UK, Europe and the USA. The were also agents to many shipping and insurance agencies and represented the Sungei Ujong (Malaya Peninsula ) Railway Company and supply of machinery to tin mines. The fimr owned many produce godowns and warehouses. In October 1904,  Adamson Gilfillan & Co. Ltd. was incorporated as a limited liability company and its directors at that time was Messrs. . Gilfillan, W. Adamson, C.M.G., H.W. Wood and James Miller. 

Location of tomb 

Pauper 1 Division 9, plot 346




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