Tan Kim Soon and Khoo Geok Kuan (Bukit Brown)

The tomb of Mr. Tan Kim Soon and Madam Khoo Geok Kuan is very close the platform of Block 1 Division B, where the wayfinder marker is. 
Tan Kim Soon ( 9 May 1885 to 23 November 1933) passed away at the age of 48 on 23 November 1933. Listed on his tomb are his children;
Son: Tan Hai Cheng
Daughters: Tan Boh Suan, Tan Leh Swee

Tan Kim Soon
Tan Kim Soon 

Mrs. Tan Kim Soon ( 22 July 18?? - 14 October 1941) passed away at the age of 53 on 14 October 1941. Listed on her tomb are her children;
Son: Tan Hai Cheng 
Grandson: Brian Tan 
Daughter: Tan Boh Suan, Tan Leh Swee
Grand daughter: Geraldine Tan 

Mr. Tan Hai Cheng, Miss Tan Boh Suan and Mrs. Rosie Ong Say Kiat thank those who attended the funeral of their mother, Mrs. Tan Kim Soon nee Madam Khoo Geok Kuan. 

Khoo Geok Kuan  / Khoo Giok Kuan 


Son: Tan Hai Cheng / Thomas Tan Hai Cheng 
Thomas Tan Hai Cheng of East Asiatic Co. Ltd. passed away at the age of 49 on 28 June 1954 leaving behind his beloved wife, 2 adopted sons, 2 adopted daughters, 2 sons-in-law, 1 granddaughter, 2 sisters and 1 brother-in-law. Cortege left from No. 11 Lorong Mazuki, Changi Road for Church of Queen of Peace and then to Bidadari. 

Daughter: Tan Boh Suan
Tan Boh Suan passed away at the age of 84 on 25 February 1986
Listed on her obituary notice are;
Sisters: Lee Kim Hiang, Tan Lay Swee, Rosie
Adopted Sons: Lee Keng Jin, Benny (Deceased), Tan Kok Cheong, Brian
Daughters-in-law: Ong Geok Choo, Gina, Lim Swee Choo, Irene
Only daughter: Tan Chu Liu, Geraldine
Son-in-law: Ho Cheuk Kwong
Godson and God daughter: Ong Kah Choon,Kenneth, Ong Poh Lian, Angelina 
Grandsons: Tan Eu-Hock, Darren, Ho Fook Chuen, Aaron 
Grand-daughters: Lee Ling Poh, Janis, Tan Eu-Lin, Kristin, Ho Fook Yin, Audrey   

Tan Boh Suan 

Daughter: Tan Leh Swee / Tan Leh Swee Rosie /Mrs. Ong Say Kiat, Rosie
Rosie Tan Leh Swee passed away at the age of 82 on 13 May 1997. Listed in her obituary notice are follows:
Husband: Ong Say Kiat (deceased)
Sons: Alan Ong, Danny Ong, Brian Tan, Ian Ong, Kenneth Ong 
Daughters-in-law: Susan Loh, Irene Lim, Dian Tham, Judy Hong 
Daughters: Evelyn Ong, Angelina Ong, Emeline Ong 
Sons-in-law: Henry Ang, Anthony Paul Maitland 
Grandchildren: Derek, Sandra, Darren, Kristin, Ivah, Daphne, Ryan, Tracy-Anne, Cheryl-Anne, Tanya and Tabitha. 
Tan Leh Swee / Rosie Tan Leh Swee 


Location of tomb 

Tan Kim Soon tomb is located at Block 1 Division B, plot 332. 
Khoo Giok Kuan / Khoo Geok Kuan tomb is located at plot 331 . She is listed as of Cantonese dialect. 

Tan Kim Soon tomb 

Khoo Geok Kuan



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