Teo Bock Chwee and Lim Cheok Kee (Bukit Brown)

Teo Bock Chwee passed away at the age of 60 at his residence, No. 60 Serangoon Road on 3 June 1936. He leaves behind to mourn his loss, his beloved wife (Lim Kee / Lim Cheok Kee), 2 sons, Messrs. Teo Kye Soon and Teo Kim Soon, 2 daughters, Madam Teo Eng (Mrs. Lim It Soon) and Miss Teo Geok Neo, 2 daughters-in-law, Madam Thng Sze Hong and Choo Siew Eng, 6 grandsons and 4 grand daughters. 
Listed on his tomb are the name of his children; 
Sons: Teo Kye Soon, Teo Kim Soon 
Grandsons: Teo Lye Keng, Teo Lye Thiam, Teo Lye Hock, Teo Tien Choo, Teo Lye Siew 

Madam Lim Cheok Kee passed away at the age of 75 on 20 November 1957 at her residence, No 2 Buffalo Road. She leaves behind 2 sons, Messrs. Teo Kye Soon and Teo Kim Soon, 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, Messrs Tung Choon Tian and Choo Teng Soon, 2 daughters-in-law, 26 grandchildren, 2 grandsons-in-law and 8 great grandchildren. 

Teo Bock Chwee and Madam Lim Cheok Kee

Son: Teo Kye Soon 
Teo Kye Soon passed away at the age of 83 on 3 November 1987. He leaves behind his wife, Thng Sye Hong. The cortege left from 53, Jalan Sembilang for Chua Chu Kang Cemetery. 
Brother: Teo Kim Soon ; Sister-in-law: Choo Siew Eng
Sister: Teo Geok Heok ; Brother-in-law: Tung Chong Tian (deceased)
Sons: Teo Lye Keng, Teo Lye Thiam (deceased) , Teo Lye Hock, Teo Lye Siew, Teo Lye Chuan, Patrick, Teo Lye Huat (deceased), Teo Lye Seng, George , Teo Lye Heng, Peter , Teo Lye Kiat, Robert 
Daughters-in-law: Tan Poh Keow, Tan Soh Keow, Tong Swee Yoke, Lee YeoSiang, Tan Gwan Sock, Evelyn, Tan Poh Nee, Betty, Lu Moh Yeng, Susan, Seah Pee Lan, Susie, 
Daughters: Teo Poh Guek, Teo Kim Guek Maureen, Teo Soh Guek Irene
Sons-in-law: Ho Thian Seng, Lee Chong Chew, Philip

Location of tomb 

Block 4 Section A, plot 421 (Teo Bock Chwee) and plot 411 (Lim Cheok Kee)



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