Cheong Jin Neo (Greater Bukit Brown)

Mrs. Tan Eng Hai nee Madam Cheong Jin Neo passed away at the age of 85 on 4 March 1968. Listed on her tomb are the name of her children;
Son: Tan Quee Hock 
Daughters: Tan Guat Eng, Tan Guat Yang, Tan Guat Poh , Tan Guat Yen
Grandson: Tan Yew Chye
Granddaughters: Tan Chui Lian, Tan Swee Lian, Tan Yew Lian, Tan Chye Lian, Tan Choon Lian  

Mrs. Tan Eng Hai nee Madam Cheong Jin Neo

Location of tomb 

The tomb is located at the boundaries between Bukit Brown Municipal Cemetery and Toa Payoh Cemetery in an area colloquially known as Tan Gulong.

Tomb of Mrs. Tan Eng Hai nee Madam Cheong Jin Neo 


  1. For those interested, following are more details on this family:

    1. Tan Eng Hai and children:

    2. Tan Eng Hai’s death:,eng,thye&oref=article

    3. Tan Eng Hai’s parents (Tan Tiang Choon 陳長春and Tay Seng Neo) at:

    4. Tan Eng Hai’s son (Tan Quee Leng) marriage:,tian,kit&oref=article


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