Tan Boon Kok and Lee Siam Tee (Greater Bukit Brown)

Tan Boon Kok passed away at 22 Tanjong Pagar Road the age of 62 on 23 March 1957. Madam Lee Siam Tee passed away at the age of 56 on 23 February 1954.
Listed on their tomb are the names of their children;
Son: Tan Cheng Khua, Tan Choo Keng, Tan Bian Teck, Tan Bian Ann, Tan Bian Aik, Tan Bian Guan 
Daughters: Tan Kim Kee, Tan Kim Wah, Tan Kim Siew, Tan Kim Liang
Grandsons: Tan Hock Kee, Tan Teng Leng, Tan Swee Siong, Tan Chye Chye, Tan Swee Moh, Tan Swee Lee, Tan Swee Eng 
Granddaughters: Tan Ah Luay, Tan Swee Kheng, Tan Kui Suan, Tan Kui Chin, Tan Yan Yan, Tan Swee Peck, Tan Kui Gek 

Tan Boon Kok and Lee Siam Tee

Aik Guan of 22 Tanjong Pagar

Tan Boon Kok and his son, Tan Bian Teck of Aik Guan, 22 Tanjong Pagar Road pleaded guilty to selling a bottle of Seager's Dry Gin for $10 instead of $9. They were fined $500 or 2 months' rigorous imprisonment and $150 or a month's imprisonment respectively. The Customs Department was conducting a campaign against liquor racketeers under the Contravention against the Price Control (Whisky and Gin) Order in 1946.

Son: Tan Choo Keng 
Tan Choo Keng passed away in April 1985. Madam Chua Gek Eng passed away at the age of 83 on 11 June 2003. 
Sons: Tan Swee Siong, Tan Swee Moh, Tan Swee Lee, Tan Swee Eng 
Daughters-in-law: Pauline Tan Siew Hiang, Vivien Chew Fong Keng, Stephanie Lam Yoke Sim, Helen Pang Hee Lin
Daughters: TanSwee Kheng, Tan Swee Pek (deceased)
Son-in-law: Toh Thien Yam
Grandson: Tan Kong Cheok, Tan Chin Sin, Tan Chin Soon, Russell Tan Jun Xue, Stuart Tan Jun Wen, Toh Ching Heng
Granddaughters: Tan Shir Ee, Tan Su Binn, Tan Su Linn, 
Great grandson: Coby Tan 

Daughter: Tan Kim Liang 
The engagement was announced was on 25 July 1952 between Ong Teck Chuan (elder son of Mr. & Mrs. Ong Siong Bee of 42, Blair Road) and Tan Kim Liang (youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tan Boon Kok of 22 Tanjong Pagar Road). 

Location of tomb 

The tomb is located at the boundaries between Bukit Brown Municipal Cemetery and Toa Payoh Cemetery in an area colloquially known as Tan Gulong.
Tan Gu Long (Toa Payoh Cemetery)

Tomb of Tan Boon Kok and Lee Siam Tee 

beautiful decorative tiles 




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