Hong Chew (Bukit Brown)

The tomb of Hong Chew is located next to the platform where the wayfinder board is. Mr. Hong Chew children are listed as; 
Sons: Hong Eng Sye, Hong Eng Hui Hong Eng Seng, Hong Eng Soon
Daughters: Hong Kah Hoon, Hong Kah Tin 

Hong Chew passed away at the age of 60 at his residence, No. 25 Cairnhill Road on 31 December 1939 leaving behind a widow, Madam Wee Lye Huat, 3 sons, Hong Eng Hwee, Hong Eng Seng , Hong Eng Soon and 1 daughter, Hong Kah Hoon and 1 adopted son, Hong Eng Sye. 

Hong Chew alias Png Choon Chew alias Hong Choon Chew

From a 1940 notice where the probate of the estate of Hong Chew was listed to Ng Lye Huat, i got a bit of insight that Hong Chew is also known as Png Choon Chew and also as Hong Choon Chew.  From a 1950 auction, we get to know that Hong Chew used to own a number of properties that were auction off. It included; Freehold land and House Nos. 15 and 17 Cuscaden Road ; Freehold land and House 4 Ramsgate Road; Freehold land and House No. 121 Carpmael Road; Leasehold lands and many houses in Rochore Canal Road. This is a good indicator that Hong Chew was once a rich property owner. Unfortunately i still don't know what his occupation was. 


Unfortunately i don't have more details about his family members. However a notice that was dated 26 September 1940 (less then a year of since the death of Hong Chew), were Madam Ng Lye Huat (executor of Hong Chew estate) of No. 25 Cairnhill Road stated Png Eng Sai, a 15 year minor who has been cared for by Madam Ng Lye Huat since his infancy has left the protection of Madam Ng Lye Huat who will not be responsible for any debts incurred.

Variant Names
Hong Chew also refers to Png Choon Chew / Hong Choon Chew 
Wee Lye Huat possibly refers to Ng Lye Huat (a guess for now)
Hong Eng Sye possibly refers to Png Eng Sai ( a guess for now) 

Location of tomb 

Easily visible and close to the road at Block 1 Section B, plot 341 A 

Hong Chew tomb in Bukit Brown



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