Kopi Sua Cemetery left untouched for now

For a number of years i was concerned that with the Mount Pleasant MRT station and Toa Payoh extension plans already announced, this would eventually translate to Kopi Sua Cemetery / Whitley Road Hokkien Cemetery and its surrounding jungles being claimed for this extension and housing. 

With today's announcement, it seems that this plans have being put on hold for now. The announcement published on the 23 November 2021 titled "New HDB estate with 5,000 flats to be built in Mount Pleasant at Old Police Academy site" gave insight that - "an environmental impact study (EIS) was conducted in January 2019 for the area and its wider surroundings, looking at biodiversity and water quality among others. After the EIS, HDB engaged nature groups to refine plans to minimise potential impacts to the environment. In particular, the proposed road network for future residents was adjusted so the surrounding greenery in Bukit Brown and graves at the adjacent Kopi Sua Cemetery would not be affected, said authorities. An independent heritage study was also conducted"

It is heartening to note that the cemetery and surrounding green spaces basically got its life extended, at least for a few more years until after the development of this Mount Pleasant flats is completed and new plans are drawn for further expansion. Whatever it is, the opportunity to explore this area is still there at least still until 2030 or more. The opportunity is there also to reach out to more Singaporeans to continue to fight to preserve such natural green lung and carbon retention spaces in Bukit Brown and its surrounding areas for generations to come. #savebukitbrown 

Kopi Sua during 2021 Qing Ming 

Extensive Survey and Documentation 

While exploring Kopi Sua in 2020, i encountered extensive documentation of the tombs there and a survey taking place. This added to my worry that the end is near for Kopi Sua Cemetery based on the URA Master Plan 2019 that this surrounding area may be affected by residential development. See below for some of the photos i took in March and July 2020 which showed extensive survey activities by professionals and many tombs were tag with masking tape that were numbered in a systematic manner. 

source: EIS report, HDB

Survey van 

Survey markers

Tombs that were temporarily marked (No 565) 

Tombs that were temporarily marked (No 1208) 

Tombs that were temporarily marked (1210)

What is affected from today's announcement 

Reading the news announcement and going through HDB's Press Release, i can make out the areas affected. Parts of Onraet Road and the whole of Wong Chin Yoke Road is affected.

Areas affected (source: HDB Press Release)

Tombs in Kopi Sua 

Some of the tombs that are of interest to note:
Relocated tombs from Heng San Teng 

[research on-going]





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